Elemental 3 — Combining Concepts

Warning: This game is based on user submissions and is mostly un-moderated. Therefore, it might be inappropriate for younger players.

Warning 2: Despite this game autosaving, many users have reported losing large numbers of elements upon reloading. This may have to do with browser security settings, but I'm still trying to fix it.

Warning 3: This game gradually starts to lag more and more over time if you don't click refresh. I'm also trying to fix this, but in the meantime, remember to click "Refresh" (in game) a lot.

This device does not support Adobe Flash, which Elemental 3 requires.

Welcome to Elemental 3! (This is the third version of Elemental. It's based off of the game Doodle God.)

Combine any two elements to create new elements! If a combination doesn't currently create any element, you can suggest what element it should create.

If that suggestion gets enough votes, it will automatically actually become part of the game. New combinations can create pre-existing elements, or brand-spanking new ones!

While you're waiting, why not submit a variety of suggestions for the same equation? This increases the chance of one suggestion becoming official!

Discuss anything about this game at the Elemental Discord channel or the Elemental subreddit!


Q: Why isn't my new suggestion showing up yet? A: It takes many votes over a spread out period of time for a suggestion to become official.

Q: What are the numbers in the corners of elements? A: The Element IDs. They tell you the order the elements were created in. /p>

Q: What's the deal with the Pioneer Mark? A: If you see an empty Pioneer Mark, go ahead and fill it in! You'll be the first and only pioneer to leave your mark on that element.

Q: If I vote for a new element, but with a different color and/or different capitalization, will I be "splitting the vote"? A: No. Votes with the same-spelled element, regardless of color or capitalization, will combine towards the same vote total. However, if that element wins, the most popular color and capitalization will be the chosen one.